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I'm too small

OK, this is ready hard for me to admit, my penis is only 2 inches erect, I have never showed a single person, I'm just too embarrassed. I do like to masturbate but the thought of showing a woman what I have absolutely terrifies me. Even when I cum it sort of dribbles out. I'm just worried I'm going to be a virgin forever. I'm 22 years old.

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Re: I'm too small

I was raped for having a giant penis so it sucks to be too large too. God makes us all different for a reason. Mine is over 10 inches. But it’s the fatness that’s the problem. I know your saying I wish mine was that big. Well it sucks. Now I’m not going to lie to you. Women lust after me. Throw themselves at me. That also sucks. You’ll learn why. I’m so damn pretty everyone notices. I can’t go anywhere. People stare at me. Ask me out. Get mad when I say no. But see I was a pretty child too. I got sexually assaulted over & over from age 2 because I’m so pretty. 3 different people off & on my whole childhood. Two often. Then a man told me how pretty he was & tried to stick me in his trunk. Another person tied me to a bed. As a 11 yr old a giant man heard about my giant penis from older girls. I thought he was my friend. He raped me. So my giant penis caused me to be raped by a 280 lb man for like an hour. I still wake up crying & scaring from all this shit. Scares the heck out of my kids.

Now for funny stuff you’ll laugh about. Women love me. I’m so cute & sweet (autism). They hear about my giant penis & tell each other. They ask to see it. I’ve had women just try to reach in & grab it. Try to see it.

Well I’d try to have sex. Sometimes no matter what we tried it wouldn’t go in. We’d give up. Other times they’d complain so much about the pain we’d stop. I’ve caused women unintentional damage inside & they had to see a doc. Some screamed at me about that. But they didn’t want to stop. I’m very kind. I honestly don’t make the moves being autistic. I just go along with their wishes.

Many females only wanted one dose of me. Hurt too bad. So if I liked a girl & wanted to see her again she’d often eventually break it off because the sex hurt so bad. Oh there were some who loved it but they tended to be the wild types I honestly didn’t want to be around again.

My giant penis is a major reason I’m divorced. My true love developed a serious medical condition the eventually caused the other? Either way sex is supper painful for her now. I did not know. She only told me after the divorce.

So she’d try to have sex with me but was secretly in horrible pain for like 3 yrs. I was hurting my love. Makes me cry now that I know.

For three yrs my wife endured bad pain to please me. Never told me. I need at least 2 hours to reach an organism during sex. Most women can not handle sex that long. They will even fall asleep so I’d stop. So I usually had to go home & finish myself. It made having kids difficult. Very difficult. I’d have to get close. Try to squeeze back in before the explosion. My cum shoots out & goes everywhere. I’ve hit walls; even a low ceiling once. I constantly have to go around looking & cleaning.

I must masturbate 5-8 times a day or ill stay erect constantly. That thing goes above my belly button. I can’t wear shorts or loose pants outside. I must wear tight pants; an under shirt; & a giant overshirt. If it starts getting hard I have to let it work up under the two shirts to hide it. It’s very hard to move around like that. I can’t easily sit.

From say 11-25 I needed to cum 8-15 times a day to keep it from being endlessly hard or easily hard. Females would notice or tell each other & endlessly mess with me trying to get me hard. Lots of embarrassing memories. It getting hard caused me other long going childhood traumas I relive.

My ex explained that was part of why she divorced me. She wanted me to remarry one of these endless young women who hit on me for looking so pretty. I look much younger than I am.

So you see many of us have penis caused problems. A medical relative showed me real science. The average white male is about 7 inches; blacks are 6; Asians are 5. You peak at about 16 & sexual drive drops. Without viagra most men start having serious troubles keeping it up. Over & over many women told me most men only last 30 secs to two minutes once actually inside them. So please realize almost every man is lying about his size & how long he lasts. Most wives are lying. The movies lie to us. It’s like the myth that all black men are huge. On average they are smaller than whites & barely larger than Asians. On average they also can’t have sex as long as us.

I learned as I got older (once I grew up) that sex is not actually important. I’m old & sick now. I rarely remember sex. When i do it’s just special moments with my wife. No I remember holding hands; laughing; watching movies. You have to find happiness in life. Many of my best memories in life I was actually alone. I love to watch movies. Play video games. Draw pictures. Play with puppies & kittens. Watch butterflies. Listen to birds. Yes that sounds gay but I’m not. I love to plant flowers & watch them grow. Plant a tree & patiently watch it grow. I love to help people. Love to make them smile & laugh. Help them realize they are special & that God loves all of us. Help them realize every damn one of us is flawed & a freak somehow. So we all have issues. Yet God loves us all.

I think they have a surgery now where they can loosen skin or something. They can add about 1-2 inches to penis length. I honestly tried to see if they have reduction surgery. So there’s help for you. Save up. Most Asians are 5 inches. That means some are under 5. So not being racist but look for short cute Asian women with narrow hips. I learned to avoid narrow hipped women. For some reason they often seemed harder for me to get in. I looked for full figured wider hipped women. You should look for 20 yr olds. Stay away from 18 yr olds. Too immature. I hated dating them when I was 15. They talk endless boring shit. Want stupid shit. Once I was 18 I went after 25 yr olds. I mostly got 20 yr olds. See the college aged ones are still sex obsessed. The 25 yr olds are looking for money & husbands. I looked good but I wasn’t well off yet.

So you need 20 yr old tight vaginas. Stay away from 18 yr olds for another reason. Some are younger & have fake IDs. I’d always ask to see a drivers license if they looked young or acted immature once I was 18. Pissed some off but I’m not a pedophile. I hate pedophiles. I also am a good person.

Once some hottie saw me in a car & kept flirting. I was 18 & on my on. I hear a knock on my door. She had followed me home. Kept showing up unannounced. Tried to seduce me. Her ID said 18. Turns out she was really 16. I tricked her into telling the truth. I was suspicious she couldn’t explain where she worked or went to college. She was in high school. I could have went to jail. See 18 & 16 is a crime in some states; even if they tricked you you’ll have to prove that. No one believes the dude. So go after 20 yr olds. Or divorced women with a young child.

See these females have often realized having sex with pretty boys like me are fun but don’t pay bills. That Prince Charming with millions doesn’t want them. That they are not going to get rich like in pretty women. That life is hard. Many of them have learned that they can’t find a decent man; that they don’t want to dance naked with studly dans like me anymore.

Problem is having a baby stretches them out. They are wider & looser now. So they want a man who is more caring & will help financially now. That will help with the child. Be kind to the child. They don’t want endless parties. But they are looser. That was great for me. I avoided virgins like the plague. I needed a female who liked to have sex or I was never getting in & having any real sex the first two times. I had to date those sorts a while before they could stretch enough for me. That’s serious relationship stuff. I wanted one I could skip halfway in. Plus these women were actually looking for one night stand stuff with a stud like me. See I’m a gentleman. It’s vitally important to me that the female be treated with utmost respect & have more fun than me.

Now bring me I don’t know the details. But I’ve heard they have things they can put on a penis to make it wider. They also have rings or something they can put on vaginas to make them tighter. There’s ways to make the pieces match.

You also need to learn about forplay. I had to get really good at that. You have to work a part of the vagina. Look it up carefully. Internet is dangerous. You pleasure that enough & they get really wet. Then I’d use a lot of KY all over me. With patience & a little luck I might fit.

People never knew why I preferred cheerleaders. I needed martial artists; very limber aerobic type women. If they couldn’t flex I wasn’t getting in. I also liked fit athletic types. I needed someone that could handle my 285 lbs of muscles & last 2 hours. Let me tell you; I rarely ever reached climax with a woman. Even when married. They’d either start saying it hurt or they’d have multiple organisms & either dismiss me or fall asleep. Some told me to keep going. That’s creepy. Even if they just got too drunk I’d stop. I’m a gentleman.

So you need to do the opposite from me. You need to get great at forplay. I am. Had to be if I was ever going to fit in. I’d spend 30 mins to an hour on forplay. You can buy a practice toy I’ve heard. Look online. But anyhow (hey; maybe they have a sleeve you can slip on to get wider) get good with your fingers. A lot of men use their tongue. That’s illegal in many states & you can get herpees on your face. I’ve never willingly done that. Who wants to spend 20 yrs in prison for a few minutes of tension release. But that may be an option you want to gamble on. Just make sure it’s legal in your state. A lot of women get vindictive & make shit up when it doesn’t work out.

When in college & younger I had females lie & say they’d had sex with me so they’d be popular. One ass hole at work lied & said we dated. No way. Not pretty enough. Then she lied & said I got her pregnant. Women got mad at me. I never went near her. What a load of shit. Most realized it was another dudes she’d ran around with. But a few kept hating me. Ass hole.

Anyways. You could buy vibrators & stuff. Pleasure them in other ways.

I had nerdy friends sometimes. I’d help them get a date. See they need to not look for the hotties that dated me. They needed nerdy females. People need to accept themselves. I had nerdy friends because they are nicer. But I also had athletic friends because I played sports. In most cases the nerds are kinder. But a lot of those jocks are good guys too once you get to know them. A lot of nerds were scared of me at first. They didn’t realize I was just a big cuddly bear. No I’m not gay. But I’m autistic. I’m like a boy who wants to play video games trapped in Thor’s body. Shazam. That’s it. I’m like Shazam. At my divorce my wife said you act like a 12 yr old. Your almost 60. No; I am a 12 yr old in a 60 yr old body. I cried & said I can’t stop being autistic no matter how hard I try. And doctors can only help you get your penis slightly bigger. So find a way. Find a special woman that accepts you. Later once you’ve had kids & it doesn’t work well you could get a pump put in. You won’t enjoy it but they will. Medical relative. I hear it all.

So you need to look for a shy 20 yr old. Or a 25-30 yr old divorced mom. You need to look for a short narrow hipped woman. Not one with giant boobs & very wide hips. Those are my type. Romance them. Women like to talk & be listened to. I’m into romantic music; hallmark movies; talking & giggling. I love to just cuddle & laugh at a comedy. I love to listen. I like stuff like art. I love to cook.

I like to keep my hair neat & styled. My nails trimmed. My clothes to look good & be stylish. My shoes to look good. To wear nice cologne & smell good. To use breath mints. To shine my car & keep my apartment spotless. All right; that’s all lies. I don’t like any of that. But I did all of that because they like that. I actually like to wear hunting clothes & a jungle hat but that doesn’t get you dates. Dress like that to hunt dear. Dress like a gay dude to please women. I picked up on that at about 13. This cowboy adapted. My friends laughed when I showed up in a suit with moused hair instead of my cowboy or hunting clothes (I was a real cowboy). They really mocked me when I spiked my hair like Billy Idol. They mocked me talking about & singing Prince songs at school to girls. Laugh it up. I dated half the cheerleaders in school; & cheerleaders from other schools. This is what it sounds like when doves cry. I hated Prince songs. I preferred Oz. I am Iron Man. Crazy Train. But you attract bees with flowers; not with cow shit. I couldn’t keep going to school in my shit kicker boots or smelling like a deer in my camo if I wanted to date the head cheerleader. Are you getting it yet?

I was great at football. But I learned I’d rather hang out with pretty older girls & listen to Prince songs than get yelled at in practice & run the football up & down the field on Friday nights. One got me sweaty & hurt. The other got me sweaty sex. Hey; I still rode my horse & dirt bike.

My wife was amazed. I broke dance for me. But I can ballroom dance & dance like Travolta baby. Throw on The Bee Gees. I can sing it; dance it; & roller skate dance it. I’m smooth as silk (or I was). Women love that shit. Look at the local art league; dance studio; community college. I took ballroom dancing classes. Then modern dance. Women love it. My wife sure did. I caught on as a kid. I’d learn all the dances.

Granted; at 285 I looked like a dancing bear, but I was smooth. My youngest started doing all the new dances. I watched you tube & started busting a move with him. In one dance we’d look like those dancing energizer robots. I was the one who ran out of energy. My kids are so cool.

Well good luck. Hope I helped.

I guess i thought that it was all about penetration, that's all the stuff you see in pornography and that, they are always so big. I feel so much better about myself now, I'm still aware I have a miniscule penis, but also know it's not the end of the world. I suppose it would be nice if I could orgasm with a bit more force but that isn't something I can do anything about.

Sometimes is not about the size is about the skills. Learn and understand how to pleasure a woman. No very woman comes by being penetrated, for example me I prefer clitoris stimulation. My partner understands my needs and we adjust to it.

You can do magic with your finger. You have use toys to get her to orgasm not everything is about penetration.

Oh my! You sound like a really sweet young man. I'm quite a bit older than you are. I'm a 56 year old widow. My late husband had a very small penis, even when erect. I can't tell you how small because I never measured it. But he was very insecure about it just like you are. However, it didn't matter to me because I knew that I could teach him to attend to my sexual needs in other ways, with his fingers and with his tongue. When the right woman comes along for you, I'm sure she'll have a similar feeling.

Besides, there are some advatages to your small penis. A woman won't choke on you while giving you oral sex, and that's a nice feeling, I will assure you.

So stop worrying about your small penis and embrace your positive qualities. You'll be alright.

Thank you so much, you really mean that? I knew I could use fingers and tongue etc, but I just assumed women love to have a big penis inside them. And regarding oral sex that hadn't even crossed my mind. So there is hope for me yet. I'm sorry to hear about your husband, sounds like he was lucky to have an understanding woman like you.