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I'm trying to be good and hope I'm forgiving for my sins

I have really sinned when I was young I'm straight but had sex with another males

Committed adultry and how I don't have sex with another males but I think I have be came to believe I'm addicted to gay porn and masterbating Have ask Jesus to come in my heart few times a day and say to God and Jesus I love you with all my heart with all my might with straight don't want to go to hell

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Re: I'm trying to be good and hope I'm forgiving for my sins

being gay is okay, i dont believe in god or jesus, but theres nothing wrong with it


Be you....when it comes to your sexuality...PUT YOURSELF FIRST.....I know people think that being gay is a sin but remember the bible has differernt points of opinions and even though in the book it says " Men may not lay with men like women" That's a guy sharing his opinion...

Anyway..Dont you think God and Jesus wants you to be Content..I mean, whats our purpose in life if were not supposed to enjoy different things.

Be you and Live you

-special K