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I’m trying to be happy for you

Hello. I am a lesbian.

Wanna know how I found out?


we met in 7th grade and stayed friends until 8th grade.

i was infatuated the moment I saw her in the hallways, and I was so excited to see she was in my class

back then I didn’t know why.

i do now.

She was gorgeous and so sweet

she practically adopted me into her friend group, all of them were such amazing people.

i felt at home with them.

I felt at home with her

towards the end of 7th grade is when I went to confess my love. I wasn’t worried she was straight, it was no secret she had dated girls in the past.

so, I asked.

she took it as a joke and told me about her girlfriend.

I tried to ask so many other times but I was too late

by the time I was going to ask again she had found someone new.

I decided that it just wasn’t meant to be

we haven’t talked since 8th grade. It’s only been a year.

i still think about her. I think about how I thought she was my soulmate

I miss her.

I feel like I lost a soulmate.

It hurts.

but, seems happier without me.

so I’m trying to be happy for her too.