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I’m unsure about how I feel about my mom dating somebody that’s toxic

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I’m okay with the fact that she’s dating somebody, but it’s who shes dating I’m worried about. I’m a Bisexual trans guy and am only out to my mom, my mom’s boyfriend is a straight cis man. I’ve already told my mom about my pronouns and what I want her to refer to me by, but she doesn’t use my preferred pronouns. I’ve been thinking about coming out to her boyfriend, but he just seems a bit toxic to me. He says that butch lesbian girls are ‘Trans’ and want to be men, which no, they don’t, and that he’ll treat them like they’re men if they want to dress like men. I’m afraid that he’s going to treat me differently. He also has the toxic mindset that ‘boys don’t cry’. My mom’s happy with him, but I’m not happy. What should I do about this???