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I’m useless and I can’t help it.

I’m useless, I wake up I’m useless , I go to sleep I’m useless, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I have bad anxiety and I can’t help it its wired in my brain I can’t just turn it off I was born like this and everyday it reminds me it’s still there that I can’t go out in fear of having a break down and crying in public. My family doesn’t get it at all my mom says she gets what I’m going through but she doesn’t she gives me meds to help me sleep but they still don’t take away the pain, why? Why am I this way why am I so useless. My anxiety is to much for me to handle I emotionally can’t do it anymore everyday I think maybe today will be good but no I’m a disappointment I do everything wrong even though I try so hard to be good and no one listens to me they will never get how my stomach feels like it’s squeezing me and how my whole body shakes and how my emotions are daring me physically. My parents they never get it ever when I try to talk they always think they can fix my problems so easy but they can’t they don’t get it how I want to give up and my mom always says it’s your fault you feel this way you need to help yourself and I just want to scream at her and say you don’t get it do you, you never did you never even helped me I need parents who help me not yell at me for during one thing wrong not talking away my stuff because of they think it will help, NO it won’t it makes me feel worse and more Alone it makes me feel USELESS.

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Re: I’m useless and I can’t help it.

To be honest you don't sound useless. You sound like a strong person for surviving with all these emotions darting and writhing around inside of you. Don't listen to those people who think they get it when they actually don't because i know from experience it just makes you more irritated so keep being the strong person you are today. :)

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