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I'm very stupid

My whole life my mom has abused me. I remember when i was little whenever i heard her voice I'd get a feeling of dread. And she had a lot a boyfriends and some of them actually cared about her put she pushed them all away even my step father. And when she had no boyfriends to get angry at, she directed her anger to me. She would choke me and tell me that she wanted to aborted me. She even dropped me off at random houses to get away from me. Then she ran off with her boyfriend. She chose some pervert that she probably only liked because he had a big duck over her daughter. But, she finally got some help. And she asks me to forgive her all the time, and everytime I look at her and tell her i do. But i don't forgive her, and I'm scared I never will. But does she deserve my forgiveness? After everything shes done to me? Or am i just being stupid for expecting her to abandon me agian?

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Re: I'm very stupid

You didn’t do anything wrong and you shouldn’t be expected to forgive her. Some things are unforgivable and sometimes it’s best to move on. You don’t owe her anything and whether or not you decide to forgive her is your decision and her pleading shouldn’t make you feel pressured into undeserved forgiveness.