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im worried about my best friend

its been about two weeks now from the day that my best friend told me he had been feeling depressed and had been cutting himself. i told him i didn't want him doing that, and told him that i was always there for him and that i loved him. a couple days after that he sent a picture saying "look what i did" and it had fresh scars all over his arms. he is an internet friend, and lives very far away from the state i'm in. he thought that cutting himself was a good way to release stress, and when he said "i'm totally vibing with this" i didn't know what to say. the day after that he was gone, and gone for a week. a week i spent every day worrying about him and crying thinking something had happened. but, 4 days ago he came back and said hey. i was overjoyed and asked where he had been, he had been in a mental hospital. so we've been fine for these 4 days, talking normally and i thought he was doing just fine. but this morning on his instagram account he posted a black screen with "im sorry" and his account is now disabled. i want to text him, but what if he needs space? what if im not helpful at all to him and he needs a break? i just worry about him because he helps me a lot when i feel depressed, and i would want to die honestly if he left my life.