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Imaginary friends

Hi im gonna introduce you to my imaginary friends :)

First there is Linda my first imaginary friends, she is around the age of 19 and has long brown hair, she wears a tank top and is proud of who she is. She is very nice to me and loves to do crazy things.

Then there is Jake, is 16 (sorry about the name) Jake loves to prank me.. The most recent prank he pulled on my was kinda scary tbh, he is friends with Alex. Jake is blond

Alex, Alex is 16, he is very shy and doesn’t talk a lot, i see him a lot with a black hoodie, he hangs a lot with Jake, at least, i see i him a lot with Jake. Alex has dark brown hair.

Then theres Luna, she has black hair, and kinda mysterious, i don’t know much of her but i always see her with black clothes.

One of the things i know is that she is very creative and loves doing art.

And then the people i don’t really like.

Theres this guy named Lars, i saw him in one of my dreams and decided that i wanted to see him more,

which was a big mistake.

He is very tall and has brown hair and a kinda red face, he was very nice in my dream but after meeting him (not in a dream) my other imaginary friends started to act very weird.

He is scary.

Next is #A0L2674901

Kinda the same story as Lars, but it was my fifth imaginary friend. After i began hanging with it i started to feel.. Weird and sick so yea thats why i kinda (removed) ignored it.

The last two scares me and they haunted me.

they will do the same to you