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Please read this and know what is going on between Armenia and Azerbaijan with Turkey

I am 17 years old from Armenia

I woke up 2 days ago with news that “war has started”

i wish none of you will ever hear that

on sep. 27 early morning Azerbaijan attacked Artsakh

they attacked innocent people they attacked a village!

Azerbaijan banned internet calls and etc with only leaving twitter to control information and propaganda

They dont let any journalists to go there and they play victims .

They claim that Artsakh is theirs but thats not true they didn’t even exist !

If you look up old maps documentaries and history Armenia is a very old nation also called Urartu and it is on really old maps while Azerbaijan is wasnt seen anywhere till lately.

the worst part is that right now kids my age 17-21 lost their lives

a mother and a kid lost their lives!!!

i looked at the list of people who lost their lives and they were born on 2000-2001 they just went to the army they werent ready to die!

i hope none of you will ever feel what Armenians feel

when you look at lists and hope you wont see someone from you friends or relatives

when mothers are crying because they dont know will they son come back or no

i am shaking right now because of this

as a teenage girl i cant let Azerbaijan win information war I can only educate YOU let YOU know what really is going in right now! please share this

look up on the internet

let other people know

because war is horrible

no one should die

teens that just started to live their live are either dead or will be dead or will cone back with trauma