In a dire predicament!

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Please help me! I'm frustrated and full of fear. I don't want to live this useless life anymore. I want to get out of this predicament.don't know what I should live for anymore. I live with my parents in a house which belongs to my mother. My brother has been unemployed for more than a decade.He and his family (wife and kid) are living off of my mother's pension. My sister-in-law is constantly mentally and physically abusing us and threatening my brother and my family of dire consequences. She is threatening us, if we do not do as she pleases, she will accuse us all of domestic violence. My parents and I are suffering every second. We do not know how to get out of this predicament. My parents are both senior citizens and I'm the only earning member of the family. I have not even gotten married yet, although I'm a 38 years old lady.

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