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ive been dating my bf for a while now. everything is perfect and we both love eachother very much. he means the world to me and were always togther. we have a very healthy relationship and hes my bestfriend, which brings me to my next point. i recenly called him my bestfriend and he told me his friend(well call him robert) is his clostest friend. this doesnt make me feel too great because ive known him for so long and i sorta wanted to be as close with him as he is with me. this hurts my feeling because im with my boyfriend so much more than robert is. robert and i also both met my bf around the same time. my boyfriend has never let me meet him family either and weve been dating for over a half year even though hes met both of my parents and siblings, even though my bfs family wants to meet me. my bf was told that he could invite someone up to spend the week at his cottage. guess who he choose. robert(i should mention robert met my bfs dad briefly but other than that he doesnt know the family). i wouldve thought it would be me because weve barley been togthere this summer since hes always at his cottage. i get that he can have friends obviously it just feels like im a second choice and im fighting for his attention when i shouldnt be.

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