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In need of some advice.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a super sensitive and emotional person. But as I have gotten older, I have started to realize that my reactions to certain things might not have been as normal as I thought. I hear people always talk about their childhood and having memories from quite a young age. But a large chunk of my childhood is erased from my memory that photos and videos don’t even seem to spark a memory of. A lot of the men in my family like my brother and my dad have anger issues. Even though outbursts of anger are frequent, my response never changes. Every time any male figure yells or throws things, my entire body starts shaking like a dog that hides under the bed during a thunder storm. My palms and chest start to ache/throb. Almost like my chest and hands are being crushed. I start crying uncontrollably and feel like I can’t breathe. But the weird thing is, when I calm down, I don’t remember any of it happening. Almost like I black out. You would think after dealing with anger issues so often in the family, I would be use to these outbursts but as I have gotten older my response has become more alarming to me and to the people closest to me. Does anyone know what could be causing this response from me or what this is?