friends for life, No?

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i use to have a friend of 13yrs. ive known her since i was 6 . But we were separated because she changed school at 9 yrs old. i wasnt on social media last time so i have no way of catching up with her. When i was 11 i decided to create fb acc and look for her. i found her and we talk almost everyday few days later we meet up and continue our friendship. i was working she was schooling and yes i am from the " Thank you for saving me " post . She have new friends which i really dont mind , i am happy for her i often tell her to not giveup on school and dont be like me with no qualifications . I always give her moral support and would treat her for doing good in school. Suddenly we drifted apart because she have more new friends and talks lesser with me , we rarely go out or catchup . She would post pictures of her new friends with " loveyou bff " as a caption. Now we completely stop talking to each other because she's busy with her new friends.. I texted her but she ignored me. She would put up appreciation post about her friends but i wasnt included.. Do you think i should just cut off ties with her?

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