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Incest love I don't know what to do

I'm sleeping with my blood brother and he has a wife they family... She doesn't know. Well at least I don't think she dose she thinks he's cheating on her with someone else. We all live together. We sneak around after she goes to bed a few times we even put sleep aids in her drink. So we could be alone together ....Dose anyone under how hard this is for me ...??? I love him so much I just want her to go away so it can be how it was. Just the two of us she's ruined my life ,....,..............

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Re: Incest love I don't know what to do

My God. The people in this world have gone completely stupid and sick! Your blood brother? What the fuck is wrong with both of you?! That's sick. So very sick. I hope his wife finds out about you two sleeping together and let's everyone know that you guys are sick incest fucks! I hope she embarrasses the hell out of you two weird freaks. What if you get pregnant? 🤮 Pregnant by your own blood brother! 🤮🤮🤮🤮 You both need help.

dont mind that first comment okay?

look here. I know that there are some things that we can and cannot control, for example, I cant control when i love someone or when I dont love someone.

You also cant control that, you are in love with your blood brother, you guys screw around and fuck eachother. Okay great congrats happy you found someone. I just want to say, be safe. Be in control, if you decide in the future that you dont like what your doing then make sure he knows u are making the decisions okay?

Be completely safe, no raw fucking whatsoever. If yall wanna risk the chance having getting pregnant then risk it, I cant stop you. The only best thing I can do here is eventually the truth will come back whether its tomorrow or in five years, either way its gonna come out. Both you and your brother need to be prepared for what comes after that, your guys parents will prolly be sick to there stomachs, his wife is gonna be pissed and is prolly gonna divorce them. You I think dont understand what this could do to others you know? Like being an adult your never going to fess up and admit that your in the wrong, because humans are selfish and cruel and disgusting creatures. I mean to be honest, ive once had a thought of fucking my brother. I will never act on it though because I know how it will affect my family.

But I mean what do I know? I am only 16, and your prolly an adult but hey... I just wish you the best girl, and if you wanna make things discreet maybe dont do it inside da house you know? Be a little more careful, drugging someone and putting them asleep is just not only one broken law, but your also breaking the law with the whole incest stuff you know?

I hope that you stay safe, and choose what you think is right. If you truly think this is right then keep going with it, be careful and stay safe, if you dont think so then i suggest talking to him and let him know its over.