Infinite mirror by Subversive

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There you are, simple.

In each of the things, in each spark of life, in each miracle of the moment.

You reflect yourself in the vastness and in the small things with equal beauty, with the same tone, with the same balance and complexity.

Day and night suffer, but they always return to be and show their poetry.

What has been and will be, forever.

The enormous conscience frustrates you

and an unbearable feeling of emptiness ensues.

Just gaze around,

just being a momentary spectator of a fraction of this space and time.

From your gaze everything is still

and at the same time different at every moment.

What will I do with the various paths that open before me?

What mockery is the visible Universe, what a sophistry, what a cosmic quackery.


you are abominable because you multiply and spread.

What kind of perceptions trick are you playing?

Who has really deserved this punishment?

You, who coldly show me the paths and take away my future

You, that looks with innumerable eyes yesterday and today,

...but you don't say a word.

Open up so you don't close again, and help me.

May my steps become a deep mark for those who come behind.

Infinite Mirror ... you are a reflection of my unsatisfied soul.

By Subversive