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Initial Squad 1

Hey V. It’s J.

This is the official Initial Squad chat😂 I hope u like the name! And I get you on the heat, it’s really hot where I live as well. Thank you for your willingness to continue the chat on here as well. With the numbers I hope it’s not as difficult to follow. I hope you will have a good day or are having a good day 😂 depends on the time where you are. Also what are ur favorite hobbies? Lmao just making some conversation.

To any other people that want to join the chat on here, feel free to address me, J, or any other people. All u have to do is edit the title when you publish your writing. Change the number to the next number. Thank V. for the idea! Don’t be shy!



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Re: Initial Squad 3

heyy its still S

im confused- just a little but yeah-

what if i dont see this post like ever again...how am i gonna reply lol

Hey J❤!

Sorry i missed your reply. And i like sandwiches too😍

My day is just the copy of yours except for Netflix and YouTube😂 I spend my time on twitter and sometimes studying 😜

How have you been!? Did anything new!?

Hope to hear back soon from you!😇


Hey S ! The solution to your problem of never being able to see this post again is in my previous reply which is also titled initial squad 2. I was still typing it out while you replied that's why the no. got repeated. Sorry!😂

Hope you're doing good!


Hey J!❤

How have you been!?

I hope everything went well with your brother! Did he reply?

And I guess everyone has a few family problems, i'm no different but i like to not mention or think about them (it works for me😜). But I won't suggest anyone else to follow my suit, everyone's different after all!😇

Hope to hear from you soon! Take care!✨❤😇


Hey V,

Wow I looked up the festival, that’s actually pretty cool, I’ve never participated in anything like that. Hope you enjoyed it!

Jeezzz Exams are tough, just stay focused and I know you’ll do great! Don’t worry about replying late, I don’t mind. Also yea, I don’t get darker unfortunately😂 I ALWAYS get really sunburned and trust me, or hurts😭 That’s why I do enjoy the winter, it’s nice and I Love winter clothing. Right now where I live it’s literally in the 100s in Fahrenheit. Yea that’s not cool when your air conditioning only works when it wants to😣

Anyway, I’ve been good. Getting ready for the new school year to began, never though I’d spend my first day of senior year at home😂 I’m staying positive though. Like before I’m still training for soccer because if things don’t get worse then we are gonna have a season🤞I really need that scholarship. I don’t know if I told you this but I also started a new hobby of making homemade bday cards. I take my business very serious and work hard on every individual card😅 I just got done with my aunt’s which had a Las Vegas theme. Yup she’s that kind of Aunt.

Have you discovered a new hobby or just anything new about yourself since quarantine began? I know I sure did!

To E,

Hey glad you’re liking what you’re seeing😂 This has become a platform that keeps me sane in these unfortunate times. I’m glad you made that suggestion about the search option! Makes things wayyyy easier.

Anyway hope you’re doing great and hopefully we hear from you as soon as you can get back to us. I know V misses you a lot. And even though we never really talk, I miss you too😂 I wish you the best!


J. 🦋

Hey J!❤

Nice to hear that your brother finally replied. Even if the reply wasn't much satisfactory still it's better than no reply at all right!

Atleast you people are back on talking terms with each other😇✨

And i'm sorry for replying late, i didn't get much time these last few days because of festival and stuff! But I enjoyed a lot😁 (even though my limbs are paining like hell)😂

How have you been!? Seems like so many days since i last heard from you!😅

Hope you see this and reply soon!😇❤✨


Hey J! I'm so sorry! I forgot to edit the title of my reply 😂. It's titled initial squad 1. There's just one reply to this article with that title... sorry again!🙌✨❤


Hey kids!

I smiled when I saw this, it's cute that you kept it going, what happened to the group chat though? I'm curious

Oh right, it's E. I was curious about you all :)

I put a suggestion for them to add the search button and they did, I was like oh shit someone listens to me.. so I searched "ignored" and somehow came across initial squad so I knew it was you..

I feel a teacher and my students have grown lol idk ok ?

V. My dude I miss you, you're awesome as always

Sorry for the sudden disappearing but I hope you understand ..

I won't be around again for a while but if I do, I'll make sure to look for you 😊

Keep learning, keep laughing and have fun everyone ..

As always, things always get better, have a leap of faith and pray

Peace ya'll

Hey S and V🤗

I'm doing good. Good to hear back from both of u! S, V answered all ur questions but if ur still confused let us know! Good to hear about ur guys hobbies. Like I said I love sports, especially soccer! I play for my school. Do u play on a team, S?

Also my favorite food would have to be umm, geez that’s a hard question. I like sandwiches lol.

I try to keep busy throughout my day. I wake up at 5 am (I think our time is the same V) and I clean the whole house. Then I run on my treadmill and do my daily program workouts (chloe ting💪). Afterwards I take a shower than usually watch Netflix or YouTube. How do u guys spend ur day?

Hope to hear back soon!



Hey V, it’s J. Good to hear from u.

I like to watch YouTube too! Mainly just to listen to music tho, it’s a great escape. I seen ur reply just in time because I think I did something that I’m going to regret.

I have a lot of family problems. I have an older brother that use to be me n my sibling’s father figure. He left the house at 18 n it seemed like he just forgot about us, it broke our hearts. He’s now 24 and our relationship with him has never gotten back to normal. He’s a marine n I started txting him when he got deployed. He was responsive at first but then after awhile stopped responding, even once he got back. He even has a kid that we rarely see. He ignored my lil sisters txt which hella bothered me. So I txted him a few minutes ago saying how a relationship goes both ways and I even went has far as to comparing him to our drug addict, alcoholic dad. I feel like I should have left it alone to prevent any hurt feelings or drama. I just feel weird about it.

Anyway hope ur doing well!



Hey again V,

I already responded but I finally got a reply from my brother. He said that he understands that he wasn’t doing the right thing but that he didn’t do it intentionally. He said that’s he’s been stressed because his wife n is r upset with him. He said that he’s horrible at talking to ppl cuz when he feels overwhelmed that he seems to distance himself from everyone. He said that he just has a lot of stuff going on but that it’s no excuse n that he’s sorry.

I just said that I don’t want to stress him out but that he needs to communicate with me more so ik what’s going on with him n not just assume that he’s intentionally in the wrong. I don’t tell him this but his response was also kinda bs. He’s been distant since the day he moved out to be with his girl friend, at 18. That’s before they had a lot of problems so his response doesn’t really address that but okayyyy. Ofc I forgive him n I told him to just talk to me more n I wished him the best in his relationship.

But seriously, have anything u wanna talk about?



Hey J❤!

I was kinda busy so couldn't reply sooner! Well idk how to explain you what kind of festival, maybe you can search "rakshabandhan" on google😜. And then i was busy because there were so many things lined up right after that, 5th august was a reallllly important day here, then we celebrated one more festival😂. And also my exams are now just 2 days more than 2 weeks away😭😂.

Dude, I spent all my quarantine period of 5 months inside my home to get back my original skin tone and you just went to the beach and threw it all away and got sunburned😂😂😂....just amazinggg😜.. well it's good that you enjoyed but i hate sun😂... i'd rather spend one day buried deep inside snow😍😍❤

How have you been!? (Again i should've asked this at the beginning i guess😜😂).

Andddddddd what the helllllll E. !!!!😲😲😍😍😍😍😂

What kind of post was that!? Atleast you should've told how you have been for this looooooong!!! And I miss you sooooo much too coz i wasn't lying when i told you that you're an incredibly amazing person😜 And disappearing suddenly isn't a problem...i totally get it😊. And i just saw the search icon lol😂...a dormant user got her wish fulfilled and here are we to whom no one pays any heed to *sobs* (what did i even ask for, just a reply option to replies, was it too much to ask for!?😩😭😂😜).

And E. next time you reply just remember, I WANT DETAILS ABOUT HOW YOU'VE BEEN ! (Miss you! Stay blessed, stay happy dude😄🙏❤) (And i see you're playing the motivational speaker here😜😂...nyshe😂...keep it up! And All the best in whatever you're currently pursuing 😍❤😇 )


Hey J. ! So glad to hear from you again😇🙌✨❤

Also, just keep the tab with this article open so that you have to just refresh the page to check if there's any new reply (this way you won't have to search through other articles on the main website). And you can surf the main website on another tab.

Yup i had a good day. It's 8 pm here rn. How are you doing? And also tell me how you usually spend your day??

My hobbies are reading and drawing. Both of which i'm unable to continue currently 😂 Also I like to play sports like you but i'm no athlete😅😜

What are your hobbies!? And also your fav food😜 (i'm asking this ques to literally everybody 😂😂) Hope you're having a nice day!

See ya' soon!❤✨🙌


well woahhhh whoever came up with this idea is smart and cool.

Anyways, i would love to be a part of the squad haha.

So, i'll just state my hobbies: i love playing football (soccer), reading fiction, editing and i am a pretty good student too.

wbu, J?

-S (my initial <3)

Sorry forgot to change the title🙄

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Hey J! Most of the times we do not say out loud what we feel and avoid confrontation just to keep from creating a scene. That I guess is what distances people from each other. In an affectionate relationship of any kind people should tell each other if they don't like something the other one is doing. (I've seen myself that it helps)

It's actually nice that you came out clean with what you feel about the whole situation and conveyed it to your brother without any filter. Yup, it might lead to some argument (or maybe he'll understand and behave henceforth like the affectionate brother he used to be)...but at least there won't be any emotional turmoil within you thinking about him whether or not he still cares about you people as he used to. It'll be clear if things could go back to normal again or not.

And ofcourse, there's always a reason for whatever happens and usually it is for your own good. I really think that you shouldn't regret it...at all!!

Best to you! And may things work out in your favour!✨❤

See you soon!😇❤


Hey V!

Dont worry about the title, all good. I understand that u don’t discuss ur family issues. That’s me irl. I don’t like people knowing all the stuff that goes on because I don’t want them feelings sympathetic towards me. On here it’s different I can vent a lil😂🤷‍♀️ My brother didn’t even reply. It says that he didn’t read it but yk when the message pops up on ur phone, I think he saw the first part n doesn’t want to read the rest or respond.

The way he handles this or responds basically shows me how we’re gonna be in the future. I just called him out on what he was doing because ik if I didn’t, I’d be an adult soon n we would have no communication whatsoever. I hope he does the grown thing and addresses it instead of ignoring me like a lil kid. It took a lot for me to send that message.

Anyway, thanks for listening. If there’s anything u want to talk about just let me know! It doesn’t always have to be about me😂



Hey V!

Thank you for all u have said and supporting my decision. I was just having second thoughts about it because I felt like it would just push him away even more but I don’t want that. I also felt like I was a lil harsh but idk. I just wanted to say something before it’s too late. Me n my siblings r all gonna be adults soon n I didn’t want us to have no type of relationship or a weird relationship with him once we’re older.

Anyway thx again, u have reassured me that I did the right thing. I’ll let u know what he says, if he even responds. Do u have any family issues? U don’t have to share if ur not comfortable.



Hey V💖

A festival?! How fun🥳 Yea ur right about the response, I would’ve been more upset if he just ignored it. What kind of festival did u go to?

last weekend, I went to the beach with my family. We haven’t been in the sun for so long that we got super sunburned. Totally worth it tho, it was fun.

Im also gonna start school soon so I guess I’m looking forward to that😬😂 Not a lot of motivation n the year hasn’t even started😭 R u in school, like college?