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Inner peace

Trying to find something that keeps me sane while I fall into pieces, maybe it could be you I think it’s real cause I’m seeing Cupid. You being something outta me i don’t know what to call it but I don’t wanna refuse it. Give me you’re love not lust and together we can build trust, standing on the moonlight fuck the sun I hope you’re in this for the long run. But if it’s happens again💔I may just grab an handgun. With you it feels like I’ve hit an home run, with you it feels like I don’t need anyone, with you it feels like my heart weighs a ton, with you it feels like I’ve won. I just hope I’m not informing you too soon then you’ll start treating me like you’ve won, and take advantage which would be a disadvantage and hard to mange, Just don’t take me for granted just don’t vanish, I’m running outta bandage🖤.