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Insecure about height, please respond

I'm 13 and 157cm (5'2). I'm one of the shortest people in my class and it doesn't feel good when you have people one head/half a head taller than you everywhere. It's depressing. And most these people haven't even started puberty but I have all the signs of it. I'm not sure if I will be forever at this height I'm just super super insecure and I really need an answer

a) am I short for my age

b) how to feel less insecure

c) will I be this short forever

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Re: Insecure about height, please respond

Hey..don't worry you are just 13.. you'll grow until u reach 18 - 20..I'm sure when you reach 18 you'll be taller than now..so dont worry about it..you can add lot of protein rich foods to your diet..you can also join any kind of sports..

Good luck..

I don't know your biological sex so that makes it hard to say and I'm an old woman so forgive my not knowing the proper gender terms to use.

1) possibly a little if you're a bio-male but one never knows

2) sorry, if I knew that I'd be a rich woman

3) maybe, maybe not... If you're a bio-female, generally your full height is attained about 2 years after your first period. If you're a bio-male, you usually grow until you're at least 18.

Chin up though, way back at the dawn of time when I was in school, I had a typing class. (Yes, on typewriters, as there were only 5 TRS-80s to be shared in the computer lab. As I said, I'm old.) John say next to me. John was the shortest guy in our sophomore class and had been pretty much as long as it's known him. He was about your height when our sophomore year started and then by the end of the school year, John was 6'4" tall and one of the tallest boys in our class if not the tallest. Do I think you're going to be 6'4"? Probably not but it's far from over... Nil desperandum.

You are average if you are a girl. You are tall if you are a boy.