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i hate most thing about me i hate my body, face, ect. i've been insecure ever since i was a little girl. it has bee pretty hard because of social media i know most of it is fake, but i still feel bad. i know many people go through the same and i feel you. as a little girl i had problems with my weight just as many people, but what hurts me the most is when people say '' you'd look better if you were skinny'' '' you should lose some weight'' and the oh i'm just trying to help comments. note these thing were said to me as a child 8-12. i am asked why do you dress like that its so ugly, but little do they know i do it to cover myself to hide my body. thats why i wear clothes sizes to big for me.

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Re: insecure

The internet is the most hideous thing of the world it seems. Because it makes people believe lies. But those lies arent you, those lies arent the gorgeous you. They arent the beautiful, amazing, unique you❤ even if it isnt now you need to realize youre worth, bevause you are worth it. And nobody can take that away from you.

I am a seventeen year old who lost weight when she hit puberty when she suddenly grew tall, and suddenly everyone started telling me how "pretty" I had started looking and that I had a glow up , which built the foundation of beauty in my head as having a skinny body stature. I am a person who loves to eat, who genuinely enjoyed eating a variety of cuisines but I had started to pull back , afraid that I would become the 'non-pretty' version of myself just as suddenly. The more I resisted and constrained myself , the more ruined my relationship with food got, but I believed that the hate was temporary until I started having episodes of binge eating where I'd stuff my face with food and bawl, hating every part of my body for accumulating it as excess fat on my shape and my mind for craving it, I'd spit it out in one moment of sanity and then just stuff myself up more again. I still fall on the scale of 'healthy weight' but there is not an inch of my body that I love or am proud of which makes me feel terrible because i know how hard it works to keep me alive. My mental health has been a train wreck for a while now … I just wish that at least one of the two, the physical or mental states of my body were tolerably okay and it kills me to know the truth that they aren't.