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idk about you, but this quarantine is making my insecurities keep coming. its so hard. on this quarantine all i do is scrolling tiktok and saw pretty girls. everytime i looked at the mirror all i see is a dissapointment. why i cant be pretty enough? why i cant be enough? i want a hug from my friends but since quarantine, my friends stop caring abt me. did i do something wrong?

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5 months ago

Re: insecurities

hi girl. As someone Im guessing around your age, sadly we all go through this. My insecurities were bad as well. But Im here to tell you that I gets better. It really does. It may be hard to think of right now, but I promise you, some of your biggest insecurities are the things you should be most proud of. I want you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God himself. He made you perfect in every aspect of your life. He made you beautiful in his eyes. I love you, and please don't forget that social media is fake.