Insecurities suck.

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Jist of it, 24yr old woman, 8 months pregnant, average height, little bit wider hips thanks to family genes, light blonde brown hair with blue eyes and glasses. Not the prettiest or anything. Almost hit 3yr mark in relationship with bf, same age, my issue is that obviously I'm insecure with myself, small Jealousy issues but gotten a handle on most of it and my bf is friendly towards other females to where I question it. I've told him how I feel but seems it doesn't register and stick.

1. His BFF who happens to be his ex gf and someone he goes to for advice.... she's questionable cause evidence shows how quickly she moves from guy to guy (currently with her 5yr bf but declares she has no issues dumping her current for another) she's now moving back into same town as us and my bf is already about spending time with her, this n that and not fully talking to me about it. I'd rather be right there watching them in case I see something that'll signal a flag. If that's the case honestly I'd tell him straight up... your family or her. Plus she's over social..... I'm not. Plus I fear if she tried anything or said anything he wouldn't question it.

2. This coworker at work, she's nice but over flirtatious despite knowing my bf is with me and how soon we are to starting our family. But he'll spend time on his lunch to sit and talk with her about stuff that's bothering him rather than talk to me. I hate thinking it but if she tried anything he wouldn't put up much a fight. And of coarse since I dont work there I can't see what's going on between them. He isn't always aware when girls flirt with him and doesn't see the way some girls talk to him is actually flirting.

I may sound like a bitch and maybe I am, but feeling all this and feeling so unsure and insecure he'll cheat while trying to keep a smile on and not cry isn't exactly easy

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