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Insight into mental illness. https://write.as/CBC

Insight Into Mental Illness

"Meds Trial and Error Phase"


Today it's Saturday December 19, 2020. It's 6:08 p.m. A chilly, windless night. Mist forming on the road of the street. Tomorrow we will rise to a very foggy morning. I've just been contemplating my next move against myself towards my worst enemy. "Me". Grand prize being my mentality of course. "I", as I'm myself, believe I regained trust for a cousin I had a falling out with not to long ago. All miscommunication that's all. Any who, I had already accepted him back into my circle which I keep small. So this way if I have to tidy up the circle it doesn't become much of a problem. Tonight I have come to terms in my mind to trust again. Yet my primal side begins to pull me away from that trust I'm trying to re-establish. The PTSD is behind that one. So I know it's a big breakthrough trusting again but I'm not in a mood to show it. Feel empty. So I just focus on a couple things I tell myself 1) mind over body, sou over mind, HEART OVERALL. The rain falls on the just an unjust alike. When it rains it pours and it's who you are and what you decide to harness positive or negative energy that sets you apart. So now I'm asking God to give the me the strength to triumph over any obstacle the devil May set forth in my path today, from both strange face and familiar alike. Even my own. Focused balance through Discipline equals Progress for All. God is Good

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