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ion even know

do know that feeling? when your sitting down on your bed heart beating so very fast and your music is loud and your trying to calm down but you cant..

do you know that feeling when your laying down with your eyes closed and your music is splurring in your ears but you dont care but you do try to understand what the person is saying through his music..

we all listen to almost the same people, we listen to the same person, the same song, of there loneliness, depressed thoughts, feelings. and we try to connect with them, we try and make sure that we think about scenarios in our head and fit what theyre saying with that scenario..

you know that feeling with the music hits so different that you just close your eyes and rock back and fourth and then get up and start dancing slowly and vast. just moving with it.

you know that feeling when your in the shower and your hair is over your face and you dont care because you are just leaning against the shower wall crying your eyes out. you just let the water run down your body, through your hair, down your face, and just waste water.

you that feeling when your in the car, and you lean your head up against the window? and you feel the vibrations of the engine through the glass, you that thought that pops into your head? the one that says, "jump out"

you that person that came to your window last night? and started talking to you, the one that said they loved you, cared about you, made you feel welcomed and loved. but ended up just being a ghost..

you know that feeling when you care about a person so much that you basically say, "fuck me, id rather help you instead of myself"

you know that feeling when your breaking inside but while its happening you are smiling and walking around helping people with their own problems, giving them advice on what to do about there lives, but you cant even help your problems yourself.

you that "first love" feeling? that feeling that when you think about that one person, and you get butterflies? you know what I am talking about dont you...

you know that feeling when your parents grab you and choke you while throwing you up against a wall and punching the shit outta you...

you know that feeling when your boxing and you hit the bag and then get so lost in the bag that you end up hurting your wrists and losing control and your fighting instincts take over and you just go to town on the bag and hit and punch and kick and you scream.. and then you look around the room and everyone is staring at you with that stupid confused sympathetic pityed face? and then you realize you lost it and you just walk out head high..

you know that feeling when someone asks you for sex, and you say no? and then they get mad at you..

you know????????????

like honestly do you?