Is Alabama over rated?

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I love to watch cfb. I’m glad we have a season. My favorite team is Army.

I watch football from all over country. Record games. Watch all week. Watch old games.

Alabama has won a lot of titles. Most ever I guess. But I watched LSU beat them. I watched Clemson destroy them a couple yrs ago.

I watched their Missouri game. Their secondary looks bad. Their QB is OK. Their backup QB looked bad.

I don’t think their secondary will slow down good teams. It couldn’t last year either. I don’t know if their offense can keep up. It was great last year but they lost 3 games?

LSU. What happened? Last year they looked amazing. This yr they look terrible. QB looks terrible. Running game looks terrible. Defense looks terrible. I guess they won a Nati & have been drunk on Bourbon street ever since.

Before I married I drove a long way to get to Mardi Gras once. I wouldn’t advise going. Good food. Good jazz. But Mardi Gras is insane. Nudity. Drunks. People pulling guns. Open sex. People taking a dump in the streets. People peeing right in front of you. Puking on each other. Fights.

I actually had people try to mess with me. I’m a hulk. They’d sober up enough to realize that’s a bad idea. Then they’d stumble off to mess with someone else.

It’s like the worst party you ever went to. I felt someone try to move me. It was a cop on a horse. I said OK. I’ll move for the horse. LOL. They push you down the street so the next drunks can look at boobs & throw beads.

You know what’s funny. I’m so pretty women kept flashing me & putting beads around my neck.

I gave my kids a bunch of the beads one time. I still have some of them. They’re cheap but look cool.

My advice. Visit the city another time. They have great food & music.