Is he into me?

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I have been seeing a trainer for a few months now and we have become a bit closer over time. It started with him asking me to grab food after our workout. We have done that a few times and he has opened up to me about certain things that have nothing to do with our professional relationship. I know he is a trainer so touching is part of the package but he definitely isn’t shy about touching me anywhere and a lot. Never a creepy lingering touch, just massage or poking. He recently has been sending me memes in my dms on Instagram that are sometimes kind of dirty. And he compliments or at least makes a comment/asks a question every time I change my hair, get a new outfit or change my belly button ring. He will literally notice every detail about what I’m wearing. I don’t mind any of it but sometimes I try to flirt back, because he does flirt, and it seems like I hit a brick wall. I don’t get the response I hope for. Never cold or anything, just not always adding anything. I know people say trainers flirt to keep clients but I really can’t imagine he would send the memes he sends to anyone else or say some of the things he says. But I can never actually know. Help me out here. Also please don’t give me that “he’s unprofessional” stuff.