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Is it a sin to be a bi???

I am in a relationship with a boy but before this i was with a girl. I never told anyone about me being a bisexual. So i decided to tell this to my boyfriend as i am with him for like an year. So i started this by saying do you mind if i have kissed a girl before...so initially he said no it won't bother me. So i told him like i was with a girl(for 2 years.) Then he went crazy and started asking questions....what have u done with her? You fingered her?...and such questions...and then he started shouting and yelling.....and he verbally abused me. I told him i was in a serious relationship and that relationship had a very tragic ending and i am already regretting that whole thing. And i said sorry but then he went on saying what do i do with you sorry. Put your sorry into her ass. And so many things that majesmakes me feel horrible i cried and cried. I want to know if it's okay what he did or should i leave him??

Hope y'all give it a look and i will get some serious help.

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Re: Is it a sin to be a bi???

if he is being unkind to you and abusing you verily or phisicly leave him now !!

And no its not a sin to be gay or bi or anything like that it was a misstranslation in the bible it was ment to be about men sleeping with children and thats a sin but it was mistranlated in the bible becuse before like the 1800 about the roman empire in history prity much eavry man and woman would sleep with the same sex and it was normal but until like 1900 for ww1 and ww2 they wanted to blame gay pepoul for it happening becuses of the misstranslation so its not a sin to be gay lesbian bi pan or what ever God will love you nomatter what

And please if the person you are with verbaly phisicly or mentil abuses you pleas leave them and stay strong 💓