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Is it all in my head or is my intuition strong

About last year one night I woke up out of my sleep because I felt slight movements in the bed, it felt as if my boyfriend was doing something inappropriate under the blanket next to our sleeping toddler. About 15 minutes later, I confronted him and he stated he wasn’t doing anything. 

I ignored my intuition. Since then sometimes, I wake up out of my sleep because I’m awakened by our toddler tussling around or him waking up whining like he’s had a bad dream. I still ignored my intuition. Fast forward to about 2 months ago. My intuition woke me out of my sleep and he was watching Indiana jones and the temple of doom, it seemed as if he was playing with hisself while watching that a santanic movie. Now fast forward to two days ago, I woke out of my sleep again and he wrapped hisself under the throw blanket(not our comforter) and grabbed a pillow  and hugged it as if he was tryin to block me from seeing anything. Now fast forward to last night, i was falling asleep and then my intuition told me to stay up, I was looking through my vanity mirror in front of me and I could see our toddler watching something on YouTube, I couldn’t figure out what it was, it looked like a dog horsing around with children or some type of rough housing, my boyfriend was watching a zombie movie, and I happen to turn around and he grabs our toddler who was currently laying on my leg in the middle of the bed and he picks him up and lays him on his chest as if he was hiding something. My intuition told me to stay up and I faked acid reflux and he then put on another santanic show  after he thought I was falling asleep.  He put on a show called “wynonna Earp” (he kept rewinding to a certain part) and pulled our toddler closer to him and had our toddler leg/or arm resting near my boyfriends crotch area. The whole time he was trying to get me to fall asleep, and he then put on another santanic movie called “we summon the darkness and he then went to sleep after realizing I wasn’t going to sleep any time soon. Please don’t dismiss this as in over my head. I would really like to know if I need to follow my Intuition and get him out of my life.