Is it all my fault?

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I wasn't a good teenage girl. I was friendly. I have a lot of friends. But I don't smoke or drink alcoholic beverages (not saying that it's bad tho). I have my boyfriend for 5 months that time. He always tell me that I'm a bitch because of my past (a lot of boy -space- friends, and there were also chats with some guys. I can say some of it was flirty conversations but not dirty). Anyway, every time he remember my past he keeps on saying I'm a bitch, etc. One time, he told me that he doesn't believe he's my first kiss because I'm a bitch. Then one day, we had a fight. He told me I was just an honor student but I don't have talents and brain. I was hurt. I couldn't keep it all to myself. I made a dummy acc then a guy chatted me there. I wasn't talking to him at first. But then, he asked something (not about me), and I answered it. The conversation started. He shared stories about him that's when I told him my problem about my boyfriend. That I was hurt and such. I admit it's my fault. I flirted. My boyfriend found out and was so mad about him. Who wouldn't? He told me to just kill myself. After talking, we didn't broke up. He told me he will give me a chance again.

We were on our 9th month now and whenever we fight, he still can't forget what I did. He will still stay I should have just died or killed myself. He's insulting me through posting something that's related to what I did and say something that will surely hurt me.

I know it's my fault for flirting. But is it all mine?

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