Is it bad that I feel like this????

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Hey..so I have been in a releationship with this guy since like 5yrs now; today one of my classmate from school messaged me and we were like talking. He asked me that if I was in a releationship or not. At first I thought of saying No because I didn't wanted to share this with him; then I thought that if I said NO it would be like I am in a releationship but I ashamed of it that is why I didn't said it to him (I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY RELEATIONSHIP). So, I said that Yes I'm in a releationship, then asked me his name and asked if the guy was from our school or not; then I said that he was from our school only.

After saying all this to him I started to feel bad like I shouldn't have said all this to him.I have been thinking about this all day and thinking that why am I feeling bad after telling this to him; I shouldn't feel bad about being in a releationship and telling about it to someone. Does this makes me a bad girlfriend or maybe I'm just overthinking this????

Please someone tell me about this or your thoughts on this.

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