is it just my feeling ?

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i'm adopted. i stayed home for online learning since the pandemic happened. there's just me and my younger sister. she's 9 years old.

my father always ask if my sister has anything to buy.. and he always buy her foods or something that she likes...but rarely mine. I feel offended and marginalized. but i'm close with my mother..it just my father.. sometimes, we will chat only when he's free or during holiday. but for normal day when he's working and he got home..we rarely meet each other and i'll always in my room completing my assignments. there's this one day, my sister and i were both in the bedroom (we shared room), i was in front of my laptop..my father walk passed the room and only asked my sisted if she's eaten or not. deep down , i was hurt. i wear my earphone and listen to songs to distract me from crying. i don't know if i can handle it anymore..

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