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Is it my fault?

When I was 14, I was molested by my ex-stepfather. He knew me since I was about 7 or so (hard to remember exact age), and looking back there are so many signs of grooming, but I didn't see it then. He slowly groomed me to believing it was okay/normal. I still blame myself. I feel like I was "old enough to know better" and that weighs so heavily on me. I struggle with PTSD to this day (11 years later). Is it my fault?

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Re: Is it my fault?

Never. people that do this are twisted and soulless. They are lonely cowards that manipulate and lie for what they want, even when they know it is wrong. You are a victim or his sickness. He knew how to plant cancer on your mind and tend to it. You're innocent, because it was stolen from you.