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Is it normal that i cant get over this person?

So the thing is:

A year and a half i dated a boy for like one month and a couple of weeks and i cant still get over him

He was the first person ive ever kissed and dated so i became very emotional attached even if he didnt feel the same way but honestly i thought i would be over everything like in a couple of months but, as I said before, we dont talk a single word since last year and I think I lowkey still like him (i cant be with him because of a lot of reasons that i will not explain because my problem is not about that anymore)

And i just wanted to know if it was normal to still like someone who you dated only for one month and a year ago :/

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Re: Is it normal that i cant get over this person?

I mean, yeah?

i never dated a girl but I did fall in love with her, and it took 3 years to stop, but I still have a small attraction for her 3 more years later. we barely talk anymore but I would date her happily if she asked me out.

I think it's totally normal. especially for first loves or first kisses and stuff. people usually remember the first love or gf/bf fondly even after a while. i think it's normal and will probably go away with time. dont worry about it