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Is it normal to not remember details of a traumatic event?

When I was 8, a girl from bible school molested me. I ended up dating her for a while and she OD’d when I was 13. It sent me into a deep depression that I can’t seem to get out of. I feel guilty that she died even though I know it wasn’t my fault and she wasn’t a good person. I tried therapy for a year but I just couldn’t remember what happened to me when I was a kid. I don’t know why or how I can’t remember. I’ve been trying to move on for years but I can’t remember specifically what happened when she touched me. Is this normal or am going crazy?

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Re: Is it normal to not remember details of a traumatic event?

Parents gave me away after dad tried to kill me.

Three people took turns using me for sex. Tortured me.

PTSD now let’s me relive most of it. But my brain still blocks out the worse.

Best to get a therapist now & work thru it. I blocked mine out. Big tough guy. Then a disease hit me. Ended up in a hospital from the disease; but crying about how I was raped at 4. Shocked my wife & kids.

Oh. I’m old. Had a close cousin. Nam vet. Killed himself. I almost died when I later tried.

Not the answer. I still wish I could have talked him out of it. I tried. Tried to tell people. Guess I didn’t try hard enough. But in the end he did it. I didn’t. So that’s on him.

Same for my mollesters. Most are dead. Ones heading that way. I called them up & told them I love them. A few yrs back I witnessed to them. Turned them to God. For the first time they were happy. Turns out they’d been raped as a kid too.

We can choose destruction like others tried to destroy us. Or we can choose love.

Yes brains fascinating you block out things you don't wanna remember. Things too painfull to remember it's like defense mechanism so that we can live peaceful. Maybe it was too painfull for you to remember so you blocked out. You know people sometimes even block their happy memorise just because they are maybe afraid of something bad to happen.

You are normal don't think too much but yeah if you wanna remember it try doing some therapy maybe I guess but in some cases it's never recovered some remember by seeing things from the past but also be very sure if you wanna remember,that you'll be okay because you unconsciously blocked it for a reason ask yourself can you cope up with your trauma if you remember it. It's a blessing in disguise in many cases but it's upto a person to decide for themselves.