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Is it okay to be normal?

Life being too normal...

I dont know is it okay to have a pretty normal life...I am not in relationship...I m enjoying this single life...but some times i feel lonely...i think it is due to lockdown and all that stuff going on....my whole day just goes in online classes and yeah give my free time to series and movies....but its been a while i started to feel lonely...neither i am stressed nor tensed...i haven't even met my friends for a long time....i am partly introvert and partly an extrovert kinda person...i love being alone but not too much...its my second year at high school and i havent made any new friends..sometimes it sucks..even though i have some of my old friends but they are not from my field....i just kinda hangout with their friends and i feel left out and its probably goonna happen i know it...i dont why i have no friends...its not like i havent tried to make any...but i didnt liked their charcter so far...so i didnt stayed much in contact with them... i m a very picky in friends....I m not a person who talks a lot but i try to bond with people by staying in contact...

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Re: Is it okay to be normal?

It's normal to be normal, lots of people are, you don't need a crazy life story to be interesting, I'm very average too. If you went to a church and found an elderly person who has been going to that church since childhood and ask them their life story, me and that person will probably have the same life story.I'm cis and straight but I'm not interested in getting a boyfriend. I'm Christian and I like school, I am the average Christian child? youth? adolescent? Child adult human? Idk but I'm pretty average apart from anxiety disorder.

there is no such thing as normal everyone is different everyone is unique you are totally f****** weird for trying to be normal . Do not being normal, be yourself. because being yourself is the most normal thing you can ever possibly do. No Surprises nothing unsuspected just you being you. You're not going to surprise anyone with trying to be someone else. And who says what is normal anyway ?