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Is it really wrong ?

Can i just..............i want to kill myself by putting a plastic bag over my head and just waiting until i pass out from lack of oxygen. My relatives stole my damn diazepam (valium) so ill have to suffer the biological 'fight or flight' stress response...... umm anyway.... is it really wrong to kill myself? I mean i am suffering a lot atm..... and it is MY life and MY choice


Also any advice on how to make the first 15 minutes of suffocation less painful?

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Re: Is it really wrong ?

please dont kill yourself! :( its not worth it you have a long life ahead of you. i have wanted to kill myself and attempted to hang myself and my throat hurt so bad. i started to think of how it would affect others around me they would go in a really sad stage and i dont want to put that pain on them. please dont! trust me it gets better it might not feel good at the time but it will get better it just takes time if u ever need to talk im here:)