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Is it weird that I don't watch Movies, TV shows, and Web Series?

So, everyone at my school and on the internet is obsessed with TV shows and movies, especially anime and superhero movies. Whenever I'm with my squad and they make a "Friends" reference or something, it puts me in an awkward position because I can't pitch in. Moreover, I can't even recognize half the actors/actresses people go on about.

During my childhood I was literally obsessed with the TV. I used to binge watch many cartoons and watch the same movies over and over again. However, as I entered my teens, I guess that spark just kinda died out.

It makes me feel left out and slightly embarrassed given that I'm a socially awkward person. Is it okay to feel this way?

I'm sorry if I sounded cringey or over-dramatic, but I really wanted to get this off my chest.