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Is it worth it?

I used to be with this guy, he was my bestfriend for almost 4 years. We fell inlove and we were happy to share our every moment every passing day. We are in a relationship for 3 years the I found out that my girl bestfriend is inlove with him. She is obviously making her move. I love her but, I can't help but to get jealous. We fought over that matter until our friendship became toxic. So, I decided to break up with him, he does not want to let me go, but I was really hurt. So, I was thinking of telling him that i really love him till now, and I'm scared he might say the opposite. Is telling him my confession worth it?

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Re: Is it worth it?

yes. But men take longer to fall in love. Different biological programs. I can’t tell you how many said they loved me. Two alone in first grade. I only loved one. Married her. Always faithful. She divorced my after 35 yrs because I got so sick. Still says she loves me but needs to worry about herself now. She’s sick now too.

It’s really that her mom moved by us. She stopped coming home till late cause she was taking care of her mom. All weekend too. No her mom’s not sick. Healthier than me. Young healthy husband. Lots of money. Her mom is just selfish & uses her like a servant.