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Is it wrong...

I have two guy friends, and they both are best friends and even my best friends. We three are best friends...(at least I think sooo). But.... okay let me name them, let them be A,B ans I'm C. I used to like A. Initially B and I became friends and I had no idea about A, but as A and B were best friends, A introduced himself to me as soon as he came to know about me from B, and I and A became friends and then A,B,C we three became best friends. But the problem started here, I stated having crush on A and slowly we started talking about sex whole nights...but later on when I asked A about his feelings on me, he said he had no intention, it's just he felt like talking about it and dumb me thought he liked me as I did. I stopped talking to him and even he stopped, but......but...... I never expected him to do that to me, B and I became more close than before and We became best friends, one day B asked me about A, what happened between you and I said the whole thing(not those night talks though) and he listened as if he know nothing.....yes!! I saw B's chatting with A, where he(A) said we used to talk about sex. Can some one share those things with others?? and though B came to know about everything from A, he pretended as if he knows nothing (B is my best friend). Should I be angry with A and B, for what they did or is it nothing... Is it just am I overthinking.

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Re: Is it wrong...

Now I’m no expert on the human mind but I’m an expert on my mind so here’s my thinking. I feel like you should forgive B for acting like he didn’t know, especially if B is a dude. From my past experience it’s been pretty normal for friends to talk sex stuff the whole night through and just brush the whole memory off, so I think it might be possible that B just plain old forgot that you two used to talk sex stuff. As well, B simply could have just been keeping silent about the fact that A told him for the reason that he just felt uncomfortable thinking about his best friend in such a negative light. On the other hand, A was being a little scummy by telling B about the whole ordeal, when two people discuss sex things it should be kept between the two of them. However on the other hand if you feel like A is worth keeping around I don’t think that what he did is unforgivable unless he did it out of a sort of spite.