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Is it Wrong?

Growing up My Dad Would Say sexual things About me Talk about my...Vagina and tits He would also Force me to Kiss him Only on the lips Not On The cheek On the lips always And He once gave me a hickey and would bite me And i hated it i didnt want him to do it But he kept doing it Alot i would Cry and he'd do it more Now Im in a relationship And They want to kiss Cuddle And Have...Sex....And I dont wanna I dont even like them But They were abused and They were super depressed and ive known them Forever and im one of their only best friends And they almost killed themselves and when I said yes to them Dating me They've Been Recovering So Goodly! They barley get depressed I've had their first kiss and i feel so Fucking Guilty Because I don't Want to kiss them but im scared to tell them i dont wanna Kiss them or cuddle them or Anything Im fine with a Hug Here and there or Hand holding But Nothing else im super uncomfortable And It makes me wanna cry but i dont know how to tell them They wanna Give their Virginity To me But i dont like them and Whenever I've dated someone I hated All of that aswell So what do i do? Also I told my Friend about my Dad And they asked how old was i when i started and i remember when i was 6 And him doing that stuff and they Said he Raped me But i dont think that Because He didnt put anything in me But touched me And kissed me places i didnt want him to

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Re: Is it Wrong?

it is very wrong. i have experience the same thing when i was just 8yrs old but not with my dad or any relatives but the boy whos way more older than me that time. my mom used to let strangers live in our house and even i hated it she always does because she never listen what i said or my siblings saids.. i grew up having trauma on boys and even tho id ont want to judge them all i cant help it because untill now i am 18 i will never forgot what happend i know i should but i cant... i am telling you its wrong because even tho u dont really know it was, but u feel wrong about it so it is.. if u can stay away from them as possible pls do.. or if u could never do anything about it.. i suggest that u seek for a gurdian that can help u report to the authorities what was happening.

i pray for you.