Is it Wrong to want to live Alone?

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As an Asian, my parents expect me to live with them and take care of them as they get old. But I've always wanted to get my own house where I can live alone. My Mom always gets involved in everything whether it's a friend's issue or a shoe I want to buy. My Dad always thinks he's right, so my opinion about MY life is trash. For example, my dream is to move to NY and he thinks Europe is the best choice, he thinks Americans are not ideal, etc. Yesterday, I told them that I want to live alone when I grow up because I think it's unnecessary and problematic to live with your parents. I said I would take care of them when they need it. But I need my personal space. They took that personally and started portraying me as a bad person who's selfish, doesn't love parents. I never enjoyed people's company. I want to be independent. Every once or twice a month, I corner myself from my family because it gets too much for me. So, I distance myself. I get tired of the same people. I don't like to communicate regularly. So, it's my dream to live alone because it also helps me to get a clear mind to write. My question is, why should feel bad about wanting this?

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