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Is love really everythng?

I love my boyfriend more than my life but Wen ur life becomes still and dull thinking of the consequences and the partner is free from those worries ! 

Wat comes to mind? Does he feel the same pain I feel 

Does he understand wat I want or why n wat m worried about?

Does he really care?

Does he mean wen he says he will handle ?

Does he really love me and willing to give a good life?

Is he worth leaving everthng for?

Bcz he might be happy and content with having d miserable n poor life but u r not.bcz everyone comes from a different family backgrounds.

Wat he is facing is something dat he has faced all his life but wat I am facing is something dat put me in shame. My life looks meaning less sometimes. My life is ruined I feel.

Is this the kind of life partner I wanted in life?

Wer asking for money from ppl and keeping udhar with sabji wala and pani wala is not shameful I don't think so dis is how I wanted my life to be like.

With time my lifestyle should have improved but it has gone down miserably.

For how long I will work ? I am a woman I will leave everything once m pregnant den will he be able to manage ? And just managing is the only concern? The concern is ap kis tarah se apni life jeena chahte h? Zindgi ek alag chiz h zinda rehna alag baat hai.

Ye bachpan me suna tha smjh ab aaya hai.