Is my advice correct

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One of my closest friends is online. she's a good friend but as of recent she's been very distant. she just ranted and I think I fucked up I said it's okay that you rant but it's nice when you talk and it might have come across in the wrong way. Adding on to that I don't want to go into detail but she feels like shes worthless essentially. She said her bf doesn't really pay much attention to her and she feels like he only looks at her for her body. In that same breath she says he's the only person she talks to so she's been distant from everyone. My advice was that she should take a break tell him she doesn't like the way things are progressing and she wants him to actually pay attention to her. she said she can't because he's the only person she talks to, I don't know if I'm giving good advice. I don't want her to feel shit ever so I won't suggest breaking up unless it's crazy but I still don't think it's healthy at the moment. AM I SAYING THE RIGHT STUFF? I FEEL LIKE I FUCKED UP

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