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Is my man cheating with guys?

  • I just want to know if its possible my BF is hooking up with men down low. To add more context, we have been dating for 6 years, I recently asked him if he had been using my vibrator, he lied and said no. When I told him I knew he was lying because he left it dirty he admitted to pleasuring himself with it by putting it in his anus. The only problem I have with this is I could have gotten an infection and it hurt my feelings that he wasnt more considerate. So I also asked him if he had been with men sexually and he said no and he never planned to. So then I asked if he wanted to incorporate that into our sex life where I would pleasure him anally, and he said no that he was not interested in that. So am I oblivious or has he already been hooking up with men? I have a few red flags but nothing that proves anything and he repeatedly denies anything of the sort. Im a female and I honestly just dont want to be the fool. I dont want to be cheated on and I just need some peace, its hard for me to believe him because he lied about using my vibrator in the first place. Please shed some light on this for me I am lost and desperatly want to be with him forever. We have talked about getting married and having kids together so I dont think he would cheat with a man but nothing would surprise me in 2020.