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Is paedophilia ever to be accepted

Homosexuality, in the UK, was criminalised until circa 1969 for individuals over the age of 21 and then further changed to ages of 16 in 2000

I use this example to demonstrate that noone chooses who they are sexually attracted to because this was one of the main arguments, both ultimately and correctly, to ratify acceptance of the gay movement.

Now, before your emotions write off what you think I may be suggesting, please try and accept that there is a difference between paedophilia (a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children) and child abuse (a physical act involving children) .

Noone has any control of who they are attracted to. If you cannot understand or realise this, then leave now.

To find yourself attracted to children is a life sentence. It's a life where you are perpetually on edge, second guessing yourself and constantly wondering what others may be thinking during any interactions you have with children....

Its an horrific existence caused by both self loathing and the thoughts of what others think of you as well as being bereft of any sympathy or understanding to what you are trying to deal with from others.

Let me be clear. Child abuse is completely wrong and should be punished but vilifying paedophila is the same as vilifying homosexuality. It's not a choice.

What say you?

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Re: Is paedophilia ever to be accepted

fuck No, why the hell are you even asking. You are literally saying that it’s okay to think about fucking a child, as long as you do not act upon. You think society should let it be normal to be sexually attracted to children. You should recognize why it’s wrong and seek help.

So let me ask you this. Do you also think racism is perfectly okay as long as it isn’t acted upon?

ay yo wtf

NO. homosexual/bisexual people just love people of the same gender like heterosexual people do.

pedophiles prey on children and ruin a good amount of childrens whole lives. and it doesn't fucking matter if you r//pe and a//sult them or not because you're normalizing the fact that there are grown adults wanting to be romantic and/or sexual with children who, arent even fully fucking developed mentally, phisically and sure as heck not sexually.

leave innocent children and members of the lgbt community alone you piss- brained pedo

speaking of which

pedophiles are starting to call themselves MAPs (minor attracted person) and NOMAP (no contact minor attracted person) in order to normalize PEDOPHILIA so just be aware of that and be careful out there!!

I say that it is not okay to be sexually attracted to children. If you are then you have something wrong with you and should try to seek help. If you ever act upon then you should rot in hell. It should never be normalized. To normalize being attracted to children even without acting upon it is a slippery slope that will lead to worse. I understand that we cannot help who or what we are attracted to. Every pedophile should be sentenced to death for their actions. I’m not talking sex offender where 18 year old boyfriend has sex with 17 year old girlfriend and ends up getting charged with rape after they breakup. I’m talking like full on adult sexually abusing a child.

Agree with the previous reply. Children cant consent because they still dont have a clear sense of whats good or not. Right or wrong. They can be easily dictated and manipulated. There's a reason why 18 is the number for legal things. Children cant give consent. Stop comparing homosexuality to pedophilia. Pedos take advantage of the innocence of kids for their own gratification and that is so disgusting. Adults are to protect and guide children. Not use them for self gratification because they dont know how to say no and defend themselves. Seriously get help. This is sick.

Re: Is paedophilia ever to be accepted

The answer is FUCK NO NEVER WILL BE AND SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED! This is not a sexual orientations it an illness I don’t want to come out as rude or anything. You are a person after all GET HELP ASAP AND PLEASE STOP TRY TO STICK THIS BS WITH THE LGBT COMMUNITY!!!!!!!

Pedophilia is illegal because kids can't consent to sex.

Homosexuality is legal because 2 adults can consent to sex.

........................................ Pedophilia needs to be eradicated from the Earth......................................................