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Is she cheating

I’m married need some advice

I've been married to my wife for two months now and I’ve had trust issues. But she always calls me names and isn’t very affectionate. She loves to see me fall and always says “cry.”

She tends to get defensive every time I confront her about cheating this makes sense as I’ve done it probably 40x by now. I know she’s lying everything tells me that. Sad truth is I have no hard evidence so therefore she’s got me She calls me names “asshole, loser, dick And says to fuck off,” I don’t even call her names I’ve called her a liar because she’s lied straight to my face

I let this all go but she left me in the past for four years before our marriage and got with her neighbor who was happily married with two children and didn’t bother to message me and then after he didn’t want her anymore she messaged me. Even typing this breaks me please answer thanks

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Re: Is she cheating

Well it's possible that she's cheating. Of course I don't want you to feel worse by me saying that. If she's lying to you that's already a bad sign in my opinion. She seems like she has no respect for you or the marriage. She calls you names which can be seriously hurtful. Maybe she's not cheating, maybe she's just being mean to you for some strange reason. Just the lying would be enough for me to leave. I just broke up with a guy about a month ago because he lied to many times. I knew he would lie again so I just decided that I have to put up with it. I figured also that he would lie about other things. I'm sorry for not giving good advice. But I do hope everything works out for you.

I am that girl I didn’t leave him for any neighbor I actually left for a boot camp for a yr and a half. The neighbor was before him I went to boot camp and changed I had been raped by 3 different men over a span of 3 yrs. I was messed up emotionally. I got help I came back strong. I still struggle with men and showing affection to people I might get hurt. I was in foster care and then my adopted parent abused me to so everyone that was crucial in my life has hurt me so I am slow to affection. I don’t cheat and a man touching me in general scares me. I’m scared of men and sometimes it comes across to him it hurts him but I’m scared but he will never understand. I’m a liar and a cheater to him cause when he gets close I get scared. I’ve explained it for so long but he thinks the worst. I just want to be someone’s one special person and I became his but I’m not good enough for him cause of my past it hinders our marriage. We discussed this before we got married. I love him so much and it hurts me that I can’t give him what he wants and needs sometimes. I’m scared to lose him because I’m not good enough. On bad days I’m a cumdumpster and whore. I cry a lot cause I just want to make him happy but I can’t. I LOVE HIM!!!

Sounds very abusive. Hire a PI to follow her. If she’s cheating use that as evidence in the divorce.