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Is someone there ?

What if I suicide ???? What if i end up my life today ?? Or someday....

What if someone there is waiting for me to reply back, there's no one for me actually.

What if somebody is praying for me to be with them always, but I'm so miserable people barely talk, and if they do also they have a purpose (dirty).

People use me for there's fun, and I get along with them for fun.

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Re: Is someone there ?

I know someone is always there for me but the thing is till when am I going to bear all this things going around in my head every single time.

I know suicide is not an option but still.....people around me force me to that extend that I feel that I'm useless, a crap or something.

Yes, someone is always there. Please don't give up. I know ending your life is the most "reasonable" thing for you to do to end your sadness and stop feeling empty, but I tell you, it's not. Don't give up, please. I have been there, for the same reason of being always used by other people. But I am still here. Alive. Helping and stopping others from committing something that they would regret. And I tell you, just please hold on. I am a proof. There's so much to see and await in life. It will get better soon. I am happy now. You will be too. Just please, believe and hold on. It's not yet time. You will live. You should.

Oii don't give up dont suicide giving up your life isnt an option listen to it heartbreak it their for a purpose dont lose faith I am here to listen to u to encourage you dont let anyone pull you down love never let anyone tell u anything if u dont agree with them.