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Is that real?

I'm about to meet a person whom I don't really like anymore, even as a friend. I don't feel like I choose to meet him. It feels like he used the fact that I'm a known pushover to force me into meeting him. I feel like he guilt tripped me and repeatedly ignored all my verbal cues of rejection.

Everyone tells you "Just be honest. That's the right and best thing to do!"

But is that actually true for most people? If someone suddenly calls you to tell you "We haven't seen each other soooo long. I wanted to visit your area anyway. It's no trouble at all! It isn't much of a bother to drive a few hundred miles more. Can I spend some time with you at a cafe?" - is there really anyone who is brave enough to just say "No, I really don't want to spend time with you. I don't believe you when you claim that it is easy for you to do, but I still don't want you to come here, please stay away."

Are there really people who can do that? That's admirable.