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is there something wrong with me??

im nearly 20 i haven't had my first kiss i don’t wanna have sex the thought of both gross me out. my friends who are younger than me and both lost their v cards and their first kisses but i don’t want to yet they keep forcing me into things i don’t want to. like for example they keep constant asking me if i’m a virgin which i’ve answered repeatedly yes i am they make fun of me that i am a virgin and that i haven’t had a boyfriend before i just don’t want to the thought really grosses me out tho i guess maybe i do want to have a kiss the sex part not so much. Sex in my opinion is overrated and wayyy to hyped up. maybe if i get it over and done with they’ll leave me be 🙄

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Re: is there something wrong with me??

Don't let societies' rules dictate what and how you think about yourself. Be you. You'll kiss when you want to, if you want to. It matters not at what time you do it, but that when you do it, it should feel right, not half hearted and definitely not forced.

Hi I’m a 23 year old female and I think understand how you feel. I had my first kiss in high school because everyone was pressuring me to “be normal” “to grow up” “to realize I had a crush on my best friend” I kissed him mainly to shut everyone up and get my first kiss out of the way, but I didn’t feel right afterwards. I tried to brush it off but it was still a bit of a nagging thought, it was just a kiss why had it bothered me so much. After I graduated high school he asked me out and I said yes because he was my best friend, he was nothing but sweet kind and respectful and everyone even my own family was convinced that he was prefect for me.

We dated for a year and just as before he was nothing but kind, sweet, patient, and respectful. He was still my best friend and I really wanted to make him happy but every time he kissed me I had fight the urge to pull away. Kissing never got any better and the idea of anyone touching me sent a feeling or pure revulsion through me.

When we broke up my cousins could not understand how I felt nothing towards the break up. I wasn’t heartbroken, I wasn’t relieved it was over, I wasn’t interested in a new relationship, I didn’t feel anything. But it did get me thinking why didn’t I think the way everyone else had.

I started to wonder if maybe I was a lesbian but thinking about women kissing me or touching me still sent that overwhelming feeling of wrong through my system. I really started to think about my feelings towards sex and honestly I came to the conclusion it was an uncomfortable concept altogether. To me people in general were not appealing. I couldn’t help but think “why is sex so important” “sex is gross” “people are weird asymmetric flesh sacks why am I obligated to find that attractive” male or female sex would always be off the table. I did a little research and found I identified with the asexual identity.

Asexual can be used as an umbrella term for a wide range of sexualities but in my case it meant I was not comfortable with physically intimate acts like kissing, sexual or romantic touching, and any sexual act in general. I’m happy as a virgin and I don’t care if someone makes fun of me when I look away during a tv show’s or movie’s sex scene. I’m ace and I’m ok with that.

Hey man, don't listen to those fucks. You're probably an asexual which means you aren't attracted to male nor female. And that's completely normal! You don't need dick nor pussy, it doesn't matter if you lose your virginity.