Is there something wrong with me

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My girlfriend broke up with me because it was getting difficult we couldn't see each other often and we weren't happy with our relationship it just brought pain for the both of us. Sometimes I just think about her and just cry and I just go through the things she gave me which I will always love a lot. We decided to stay as friends instead and I have no problem with that but I can't stop thinking about getting together again with her and I hate myself for feeling like that I always think what if this happened would we get back together again? But I know the answer would be no it just hurts. But when we text at first she sounded so cold it just felt like she didn't even wanted to talk to me and I'm ok with her not wanting to talk to me but if she really did feel like that why didn't she just tell me it just makes me feel like a dumbass. Now she texts me like before and now I don't feel hurt since it actually feels like she wants to text to me but I'm just going back and forth it just hurts like wtf. One day I feel sad the other I just don't think about it. What's wrong with me I just don't know what to feel anymore. Happy or sad? I just wish I could be with her but what will that do. It's not going to change the fact that were not able to see each other that often. I just don't know what I feel anymore it's so confusing. I hate it.