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Is this a bad thing?

One time at 6th grade, a classmate of mine was sitting beside me. All of us were taking notes at the time and I was eager to do so. Suddenly the said classmate put his hand on my thigh and decided to vigorously hit it. Since I was a timid kid and didn't know what to do. I was frozen in fear and out of shock since no one has ever done that to me before. Looking over to him, he had this really creepy way of looking at me. He finally stopped after a few minutes and it was awkward since then. Mind you, it was weird since I'm a female.

I asked my friends if it was bad and some didn't know what to tell me. I asked another friend and he told me that I should tell my parents about it since it was indeed a bad thing. But idk, I don't want to tell my parents since I'm scared and I just let this pass through since we were still kids back then. Ik, that doesn't justify what he did smh.